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We provide quality bird proofing services to industry, retail premises, local authorities and homes.

Bird Proofing Services

With all properties, the potential damage from roosting birds has to be considered.  It is not just the mess, inconvenience or health hazard, but also the corrosive damage that can occur, particularly on limestone buildings.  Additionally, if anyone is injured as a result of bird fouling from your property, you are liable - so it pays to prevent.

Fouling of buildings and monuments frequently occurs at places where the birds nest or roost, this is not only unsightly, but can also have a destructive effect as the acidic droppings can erode the surface of stonework.  Gutters and drainpipes can get blocked, leading to flooring and other problems.  Even in domestic buildings birds are a problem - not just for noise and mess, but from secondary nest infestation or mites.

We can remedy your bird infestation using the method most appropriate to your needs - trapping, repellents or scaring devices.  We use care to ensure birds are removed from buildings in a safe and humane way. 

We will then bird proof your buildings to ensure the best possible defense against future problems using the latest materials and techniques ensuring an effective solution and an unobtrusive finish.


Bird Proofing Services

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Pavements can be unsafe because of potential for slipping on droppings.  Food stored in warehouses and processing plants may be eaten or contaminated and machinery and equipment fouled.  Birds can also be a potential transmitter of diseases such as solmonellosis and psittacosis.

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